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For all your long and short term needs , we aim to provide a one stop shop for small housing associations and landlords to provide the services you need,leaving you in control.

The aim of every housing co-op or association is to provide the best possible service it can to its tenants, while remaining true to its own principles. The housing might be all purpose or be tailored to meet the needs of particular groups, but your aim is to make sure that your organisation can bring its knowledge and experience to bear in making sure that the connection you have with your tenants remains intact.

Sometimes though, providing part of those services takes up a disproportionate amount of your time, without influencing the benefit you bring to the tenants. Or sometimes you might have a short term difficulty to be overcome, whether in staffing or training needs.

Our team have each been involved in providing affordable housing in housing co-ops in East London for between fifteen and thirty years and have a wealth of experience to bring to your organisation.

Contact us to discuss your needs, whatever they are.